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18th Century Clothing and Accessories
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Blanket Shirts and Capotes for Adults and Children!

Nothing keeps you warmer on those chilly spring and fall events than a heavy wool blanket coat! Our capotes are made of 100% wool and come with a hood and sash belt. They also come in both adult and children's sizes.
Specify Adult or Children's S, M, L 
Plain Blanket Coat/Capote $49.99 Gray Only
4 pt Whitney Blanket Coat/Capote $199.99
Whitney available in Red, Blue or Green 

British Military Cocked Hats $24.99

Almost as notorious as the traditional red coat is the British Soldier's cocked tricorn hat. Our version is made of black wool felt and trimmed in white with a black and white cockade featuring a brass button in the center. Please give head circumference measurement. Only $24.99.

Sailor's Ditty Bag: Nautical Version of the Haversack!

Quite possibly a sailor's most cherished item was his ditty bag. This small scrap of canvas held all the meager treasures a sailor might own and often the knotwork involved was a testament to the owner's skills. Our version has a traditional knotted lanyard and a varnished Turk's Head slider knot. Perfect for carrying your "modern neccessities" (Car Keys, Wallet, etc.) $34.99  

18th Century Drop-Sleeve Shirt $34.99

Our 18th Century drop-sleeve shirt comes in many colors and sizes. The simplistic style was worn by every walk of life with only minor variations. From Frontiersmen to Sailors, Colonists to Soldiers, this is a very appropriate shirt. Available in Red, Blue, Green, and White Linen, and Red or Blue ticking stripes. Please specify vertical or horizontal stripes. Specify Children or Adult, S, M, L, XL Adult Sizes: $34.99
Children's Sizes: $24.99

White Linen Ruffled Shirt $54.99

This shirt is fitting for the finest gentleman in the colonies! It is also very appropriate for most military officer uniforms. It is made out of fine white linen and features ruffles at the cuffs and in front of the neck. Adult sizes only: S, M, L $54.99


This fine wooden traveler's writing desk comes with a small journal, quill pen, bottle of ink, and sheets of parchment stationary. Only $39.99.

Wooden writing desk with journal, quill, ink, and parchment.

Rev War Military Coat available in many unit colors for both sides.

Our military uniform coats come in most sizes and styles. They are made out of the finest grade wool and are lined with either linen or wool depending on the unit represented. Contact us for special pricing on custom buttons. Please specify coat size and military unit. Starting at only $225! Custom order. Call (812) 457-7451 to order now!

Be sure to check back often to see what we have! We will be adding new things frequently for the next year or two, so keep in touch!

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